i fucking hate christians as a christian myself.

I fuckign hate christians who shove religion down peoples throats or wish death upon someone for their gender or sexuality and even wish they go to hell. THIS ISNT WHAT GOD WANTS US TO DO. we're supposed to love THY NEIGHBOR NO MATTER FUCKING WHAT. even if they're an atheist or satanist. IT DOESNT MATTER. we are just here to go past challenges, help others, be kind so we can get into heaven by god's rules. god will love us no matter what and will not always but almost forgive all of our sins. It's been getting on my nerves and i just had to say it. i despise those who are proud of doing that too, as if god put them in charge of what others do in their lives. It's gross and disgusting, god will look down in shame at those who use his religion as a shield to protect their racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic ways. if you're one of these people, please go fuck yourself and fuck off. you're the reason why people hate us now cause of your doing. 

and all of those atheist, satanists, and other ppl that have been hated on by fake christians, the real ones love you sm. 

God Bless.

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i agree with you as a christian myself. christians dont do that in my country cause we're minorities, but the things i see online, happening in other countries.. god. i feel the second hand embarrassment pretty often when the shitty christians do shit. did they misread the Bible or what. Jesus never wanted this

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