this was originally a forum reply- but i thought it was a funny story to share more out in the open lol

Same omfg T^T,  funny mini story- last time in went to a mall i was in like FULLL bright rainbow decora w hella accessories n shit, im walking out of a Claire's when i see a group of teens in a more modern iteration of scene/ scenemo fashion and we like make eye contact T0T (ik it sounds hella awkward but for me this was like my scene awakening, CAUSE LEMME TELL U- ALL OF THEM LOOKED SO KEWL OMIGAWD) like 1 of them, who im assuming was the leader of their lil friend group. Walks up to me an like T^T- COMPLIMENTS MY OUTFIT?!?!?!? im shaking at this point istg, i compliment theirs too and all yykkyktky me just shaking. then i turn back to my friend and my mom who i was with and im like "DID U SEE THAT JSFJNS" 

getting all girlboss-ed up to go spend unholy amounts of money at Claire's was 1 of my favvv things to do b4 lockdown T~T, untill- (and you wont believe what happens next/j) another group of girls- (normal clothes smh -.-) -are like on the 2nd story of the mall right? they throw this GIANT GUMMY BEAR at me,my friend, and my mom from like the balcony 0-o. (not my friend who actually tried to pick up the gummy bear and eat it-). anyways we like ran over to another area of the mall to finish up shopping but these teens kept following us. my mom then told me she saw a few of them like recording us from the balcony, so she was literally pissed at these girls. a few stores later and they come back throwing like whoppers (the candy) and other shit at us?? (mainly me and my friend who was in an all emo black and red outfit so we basically looked like polar opposites lol) my mom decides shes had enough of the candy harassment and like goes up to them absolutely destroying them, yelling and scaring them away for good protective mom style lmfao. (atleast we think) while we're like leaving the mall a few of them kinda followed us before we reached the entrance, they where prolly recording us to make fun of our outfits on tiktok or sumthin. but who just throws candy at ppl T0T??? 

but yeah, i miss going out shopping and looking fabulous, and all the positive lil interactions w other kandi kids, emos/scenemos, and other alternative ppl.

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