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It’s sort of annoying… [Pointless Rant]

I kind of wish your profile layout would carry over to your blog. Like, I have this really nice pastel pink layout that I would absolutely love to also have on my blog, especially since I kind of want to use it more, but it just switches over to the default blue SpaceHey theme.

Not sure why I’m having gripes with this right now, but I am, and because I want to, I’m posting about it. Now you all have to deal with it, woohoo.

I wonder if there will be a feature in the future that will let you carry over your layout to your blog? I don’t see the downsides in doing that, though please tell me if I’m incorrect. Because that would really improve the blogging feature of the site imo. I mean, they let us customize our profiles, why not our blogs? Isn’t the blog the part of the profile people are gonna spend the MOST time on? It just kinda makes sense to me.

Buuuut anyways I’m staying up an ungodly amount of time tonight. I should probably hit the hay at some point. I’ll stay up a bit longer to see if anyone comments on this post so I can see what ya’ll think about all this, and if I’m offline just expect me to get to it tomorrow.

You can also half-expect me to stay awake all night planning for a story I’ll never finish. That is also a possibility!

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