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Hello, I'm back! ^w^

You may have already guessed this because I spiked up in activity, but I'm back! I kind of forgot about this website for a while. I've been off doin' my own thing, y'feel? But my love for the old internet never changes, and I've decided I'm going to try and use this site more. That is, so long as people are willing to interact with me!

I've yet to make a proper friend on this site, but that's okay, I'm workin' on it! In any case, I haven't really posted much, so I probably don't look like that interesting of a person quite yet. That's all gonna change, though, because I'm gonna be blogging about my favorite stuff! So keep an eye out for that, because oh boy when I start rambling, I simply will NOT stop!

And, if you haven't already, you should definitely shoot me a friend request and a direct message because I am sooo lonely and need myself some company! :D Anyone is welcome, I don't judge anyone and I promise I won't bite!

Hmm, wonder how I should end off this post? I'm not good at ending things off. Oh well, I guess I'll just end it here!

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Hi Back, I’m Poble.

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i love this response LOL

by Nhexis; ; Report

You’re welcome :’)

by Poble; ; Report