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intro !!

heeey, im emily ! 

im 16 and from the uk. im queer and use any pronouns, so use whatever you fancy on me lmao, it doesnt bother me at all! not new to spacehey but im finally trying to be more active and make some new friends! if im not active on here though (gcse year, its all so mad!!) all my socials are on my profile, feel free to add me on one of those !

im very new to all the goth subculture stuff but ive been in love with the fashion ever since i was little and recently got into the music! theres absoloutely no scene where i am so im looking for friends on here haha, you dont have to be goth or anything, just not a prick !! 

tbh i dont really have many hobbies as of late but ive always drawn and art is probably one of my favourite things ever. i also play some games like omori, animal crossing, little missfortune and loads of old 3ds games! i also listen to a lot of music but  thats all on my profile! i try to read as much as possible and looooove to write my own stuff too !

honestly idk what else to say but if you do add definitely message, love talking to new people !!!

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