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gio's cookbook: Cooking With Space Skeleton

recipes i've fucked around to make
will be updated with new recipes
disclaimer: i am Not a professional. i am a teen with too much free time and many wants
recipes are separated by this here thingy: {~}

Sauce That Fucks

- mayonnaise

- yellow mustard

- garlic salt

- lemon juice

start with a fair amount of mayo, maybe a cup or so

add like half a cup of mustard (approximate)

as much garlic salt as you feel necessary

and a few drops of lemon juice

then take a whisk or other Whiskish Object and mix it together until it's a smooth off-yellow sauce (it may turn more yellow even when stored properly. it keeps it's flavor for upwards of 2 months)

put in an airtight container and store in fridge before and after using


Name Pending: The Quick Cake

-3/4 cups self-rising flour

-2 tbsp brown sugar

-1 tbsp sugar

-1 tsp vanilla

-1 egg

-2 tbsp softened butter

-4 pips of Hershey's Symphony chocolate

mix the wet ingredients together, then put them in the dry ingredients

put the pips in the mix

put it in a mug (or on a plate iyw, microwave-safe is the way to go)

slap that shit in the microwave until it's cooked through (you might have to cut it open to check)

let cool to mildly warm, serve


Basic Coping Soup

one can cream of mushroom, prepared as instructed

curry powder

garlic powder

lemon pepper


chicken breast


(replace noodle or meat type as desired, but ensure that the meat is fully cooked before using for this recipe)

make the soup, then as you're making it add the spices and chicken
add noodles once the soup is boiling
stir frequently. if noodles are al dente, leaving the soup to cool will most likely cook them through
stir before serving


Godzilla Ramen (big thanks to my buddy JoJo for the name)

1 package ramen (i used a packaged tonkotsu ramen, but run-of-the-mill dollar store ramen works too)

1 tbsp curry powder

1/2 tsp chili flakes (optional; for extra spice)

chopped green onion

piece of ham (i used packaged sandwich ham n it was pretty good, but i assume that it would taste better with fresh sliced ham)

godzilla ramen bowl (optional)

make the ramen as directed on the package, shouldn't be too hard /lh /npa

when adding soup base, add curry powder and chili flakes

move noodles to possibly-godzilla bowl

sprinkle green onion over center of noodles

tear the ham into 3 or 4 cheese-wedge-shaped pieces, fold pieces once each, and place close together along edge of noodles


rice (cool edition)

° = adjust or remove to your liking

1 cup white rice, soaked in water for an hour and washed

1 and a half cup water (to cook the rice in not to soak it)


any meat (i used shitty packaged tuna that isn't really good for much else its very dry on it's own but little pan-seared beef cubes would probably be really good in this)

diced vegetable (optional)

teriyaki sauce

curry powder°

lemon pepper°

garlic powder°

onion powder°

poppy seeds°

this would probably also be really good with a fried egg over it

bring water to a boil

add rice and turn down to simmer, putting the lid on the pot until the rice's absorbed most/all of the water

put the rice in whatever youre serving it in and add the salt along with your choice of spices

mix the spices into the rice until they're evenly spread throughout (if all the rice has a sort of tinge matching the spice color by now you did it rightce)

add the meat, optional vegetable, and the teriyaki sauce

now stir those together

add optional poppy seeds

stirring optional for that point

add optional fried egg (best with runny yolk, saying this as someone who usually hates egg yolk)

serve while still warm


Miskatonic Mocha

name derived from the fake Miskatonic University in Massachusetts, solely because i was watching Re-Animator and needed a drink (ran out of soda like 15 minutes in lol)

made to be more chocolatey than coffee-tasting for people that don't like coffee all that much. if you prefer more of a strong coffee taste add more cappucino mix and less hot cocoa mix

hot milk

1 packet hot cocoa mix, probably best if it's Swiss Miss but any works

1/4 cup of powdered french vanilla cappucino mix

half and half

whipped cream (optional)

pour milk into mug, just enough to leave some space for the cocoa mix. about 2/3rd of the way to the top of an average 8 fl. oz mug

heat up the milk

add the cocoa powder


add the cappucino mix

stir x2

fill the rest of the cup with half and half

stir x3

pour over ice and/or add whipped cream if desired

also goes really well with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

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