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Long Boyfriend Survey by xxdoll_facexx

Long Boyfriend Survey by xxdoll_facexx
♥ The Basics ♥
Whats your sweeties name?: Hlormar
How old is he?: at least 8
How long have you two been together?: many
When is your anniversary?: 30 Last Seed
Is he your first boyfriend?: no
Do you think you have a good relationship?: no
Where was your first date?: the path outside Caldera
Where did your first kiss take place?: Arkngthand :3
What was his most romantic gesture?: dying to a cliff racer
Does he have any special nicknames for you?: bae
Do you have any for him?: hrothgard
*His Favorites*
What is his favorite movie?: the seven blessings of vivec
What is his favorite TV show?: the real house wives of vvardenfell
Who is his favorite actor/actress?: Mads mickleson
His favorite song?: traveling fanfare
His favorite thing about your personality?: my cool stoicism
Which of your features is his favorite?: my lvl 100 acrobatics
Whats his favorite color?: purple
Whats his favorite cologne?: not bathing
Is the relationship getting serious?: yes
Has he proposed?: no
Has he told you he loves you?: no
Do you have a song?: yes
Which song did you first slow dance to?: dark caverns
Is there anything he has done for you that he wouldnt do for another person?: no
What was your last fight about?: him betraying me for cloudcleaver
Have you ever cried over him?: yes when he got stuck in the wall in arkngthand
Is he there when you need him most?: no
Can you trust him?: no
Have you ever kissed in the rain?: no
Has he ever written anything for you?: he is illiterate
Do you have any of his clothes?: no he has no clothes
Have you guys ever taken a nap together?: yes
Have you ever spent the night together?: yes everynight out on the roard
Have you ever been intemate?: no he refuses to touch me
How does he make you feel when the two of you are together?: bad
Does he know your biggest secret?: yes he follows me aroun everywhere
Has he ever cheated?: yes
What color are his eyes?: idk
Does he know your favorite flower?: cornflower and no
What is your favorite part of his appearence?: his sexy tattoos
What is your favorite part of his personality?: his wimpiness
Is there something he does that you dont approve of?: attacking ashmonsters and refusing to run away when i have low health
Is there something you do that he doesnt approve of?: not find his cloud cleaver
If there is one, what is the biggest problem in your relationship?: him dying every 5 min and getting lost bc i jump too fast for him
Do you see yourself with him in the next five years?: no
Can you see yourself marrying him?: no
Have you discussed children?: no all he talks about is cloudcleaver
If so have you picked out names?: yes, he doesnt like them
Have you discussed marriage?: yes, he said no
Do you have plans of living together?: we already do
Do you think you two have a chance of making it?: no
What does he want to do with his life?: cloud cleaver
Where do you plan on living?: balmora
Have you decided if you want pets?: no
Do the two of you have a dream house in mind?: no
If you do plan on getting married, where would you like it to take place?: red mountain <3
Do you have your wedding planned?: no
♥ Last Question ♥
Are the two of you happy together?: no
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