The Realm of Possibility

"there was a woman in Urbana who loved to eat so much that it became her life. The neighbors stopped seeing here. All they would see was a never-ending parade of takeout deliverymen- pizza boys and Chinese box holders and the girls from El Taco Grande who swore the woman left more money for tips than anyone else. They never saw her, though. This went on for years. She left twenties under the front mat and bribed boys from McDonald's to take their breaks delivering her cartons of supersize fries, supersize sodas, supersize burgers, eventually, this one kid John and his friends decided to break in and scare her. But she got them instead, because they found her dead in the kitchen, weighing nearly as much as the bed she'd moved in there just so she could be close to all the things

she loved." - David Levithan.

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