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here’s my songs for today and the lyrics i resonate with most or just like for each ;)

bang the doldrums- fall out boy

“best friends, ex-friends till the end, better off as lovers and not the other way around”

“i cast a spell over the west to make you think of me, the same way i think of you”

chemical kids and mechanical brides- pierce the veil 

“and if there’s a god then i’m letting him go, all for you, you alone, raise my hands at the thought of you leaving me alone”

“and the nightmares you’ll see it tomorrow, all the stars on your ceiling they glow, but not for you; though the trees i’ll blow” 

shallow pockets- before today 

“call us to die, we’ll never answer, you can’t keep us under!”

“so you’ll try to awake, up from the days that you can’t forget; because baby you know, baby your so unforgettable”

diamonds and why men buy them- pierce the veil 

“i look to receive what the earth and sea had thought it’d be best not to even give me”

“we like to run our blood thin, and laugh at things we never did”

surgery- jack off jill 

“i can change, i can cut it open, look at me the way you did before”

“kill the narcissist with his reflection till tomorrow”

things that rhyme with orange- i set my friends on fire

“ill participate in what you believe if you give me the attention! yeah, yeah that’s the only compensation, i wanna be included in your conversation”

“it has to be a unanimous determination, because one opinion would be pointless appreciation”

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