amstrad ppc 640 restoration part 1.

i recently purchased an old luggable pc from the late 80's. as far as im aware it runs ms dos 3.30. it came with 3 floppy disks and 2 inbuilt 720k double density floppy drives. sadly no carrying case but it is in amazing condition. i will keep you all updated on the process of restoring, repairing and running. 

amstrad ppc 640- wikepedia

here is some more info on the ppc 640, The Amstrad PPC512 and Amstrad PPC640 were the first portable IBM PC compatible computers made by Amstrad. Released in 1987, they were a development of the desktop PC-1512 and PC-1640 models. As portable computers, they contained all the elements necessary to perform computing on the move. They had a keyboard and a monochrome LCD display built in and also had space for disposable batteries to power the PC where a suitable alternative power source (i.e. mains or 12 volt vehicle power) was not available. The PCs came with either one or two double density double side floppy disc drives and the PPC640 model also featured a modem. Both models were supplied with PPC Organiser software and the PPC640 was additionally supplied with the Mirror II communications software.

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