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Life update

okay it’s Kaiden again i’m in 7th grade now and my life is so much better, i have a boyfriend and i ended up coming out as gay. Things are still hard over all but i did win lost if games and i have more friends than i ever did. Me and some of the players are trying to get this one guy Ayden kicked off the team because he called me a faggot. i’m also joining the new hockey league i hope i make it i’m really good at hockey it’s just i suck at ice skating but my boyfriend who’s on the team is helping me practice my skills. i love him so much his name is Oliver, he is the sweetest boy i’ve ever met in my life. he actually cares about me. he makes me feel things i’ve never felt before. i honestly think he’s my soulmate if you believe in that type of stuff. but what ever i do and that’s all that matters in my opinion. and i am opposed with this one actor his name is Nicholas Hamilton he is so hot. nine years isn’t that bad is it? but i was forced to come out on my birthday because of Ayden, one of my ex best friends her name is beck she teamed up with Ayden and they are ruining my life my mom wants me to transfer schools but i’ll leave all my friends i’ve made but she said it’s up to me. i’m also in a band we are called dark thunder i’m the lead singer and guitarist of the band. me and my boyfriend will be two months on December 1st he loves me and i love him. god he’s so perfect, i love him so much. His dad is a dick to be honest like he did some things to him i can’t say on here. all i want is for him to be safe, i’ve never felt this type of love before? it’s different it’s hard to explain but it feels special and good. God he is my favorite person ever i love him so much. i would honestly kill somebody for him. is that bad? i’m pretty sure everyone has heard the saying love can drive you crazy. i would do anything for this boy. he makes me feel things i’ve never felt. good things, i’m so in love with him. But enough about me and Oliver. Me and my friends are trying to get closer but it’s so hard sometimes because we all live in different areas but we go to the same school. But like we text and FaceTime all the time when we have time too. i have a stalker at my school she has had a crush on me since 5th grade, her name is riley and she doesn’t expect the fact i’m gay. she literally said she can turn me “straight” like girl no. I hate the fact that people don’t understand the fact i’m gay like i forced my self to date women, do you not understand i forced my self to do things i didn’t like. i hate her she stalked my socials and my friends socials and screenshots the pictures of me on there that they have like for example one of my friends and me went to Walmart and we were fucking around and she took a funny picture of me and posted it on her insta storie and riley screenshot it and commented hearts and my boyfriend thought i was cheating on him and i had to explain who she was and he forgave me and said he was sorry for what he did i forgave him. that’s the only time me and him have ever fought. That is pretty much my life update. I’ll write more soon! 

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