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✨ Hobbit tattoo dreamlist

My tattoo dream list, getting about 3 of them this year. Ones marked with ** I already have done.

Espeon and Umbreon Sun/Moon Unown - Back Shoulderblades (Left/Right)

Purple to blue gradient Moon Phase Collarbone (Left)

"You Remind Me Of The Babe" - Collarbone (Left) (under the moon)

Druid moon symbol - Upper Shoulder (Left)

The Last Unicorn portrait - Upper Arm (Left)

Spyro the Dragon portrait - Upper Arm (Right)

Son Leo paw tribute - Forearm (Left) / adding gold/brown highlighting **

Daughter Aurora Morpho butterfly tribute, one wing fading into Aurora Borealis - Forearm (Right)

Crystal Cluster - Wrist (Right)

"Peace" with fall leaves, Taylor Swift tribute - Arm (Left)

Wizard Hat - Arm (Right)

Snail on a mushroom - Arm (Right)

Pink Butterfree - Arm (Right)

Triple Goddess Moon - Wrist (Left)

"Friend" in Elvish - Wrist (Right)

Bumblebee - Ribcage area (Right)

Kida, Nala and future cat paw prints - Trailing down side of Leg (Left)

Cherry blossom floral Fox - Thigh (Left)

Crystal Dragon - Thigh (Right)

Mew, Vulpix and Eevee portrait, Mew background being galaxy as it fades into Vulpix with a autumn/fall background, fading into Eevee with a spring and sakura leaves background - Leg (Right)

Ghibli mini portrait - Ankle (Left)

Tree of Gondor with The One Ring inscription as a ankle bracelet cutting through trunk of the tree - Ankle (Right)

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wow do u have tats?

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Yeah! For now I just have 1 on my forearm. I'm planning to get the bee this year.

by Hobbit; ; Report

So cool!!

by *~Michelle~*; ; Report

Byronasaurus Rex

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I am envious! I should write up a list of my dream tattoos because that's probably all they'll ever be, meep.

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