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SpaceHey's undoing

I figured out in the mean time what's missing in SpaceHey.

Never mind the lack of moderation, and that's going to be SpaceHey's undoing, make no mistake.

Never mind the lack of notifications, and we really shouldn't repeat mistakes of the past while trying to revive the good things we're nostalgic for.

What SpaceHey desperately needs is a point. A reason to exist, besides being a gimmick, and only one of many at that. Of course we sit around looking at each other, wondering what to do or talk about.

It's the same mistake made by most apps that are part of the Fediverse: there are so many sites you can join, and not one seems able to explain why you'd want to be there and not elsewhere. Especially when those sites talk to each other.

The one exception is Mastodon, and people still wonder why it's eating everyone else's lunch despite being problematic in many ways.

We need to figure out who we are, here on SpaceHey. Why we are here, and what we stand for. And we need to do it before we simply start forgetting to log in.

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Mastodon is kind of sketchy. Not the website but the 'clientele'.
I don't want an account over there.

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...Which website. If you mean, yeah, that's why everyone keeps telling you to pick another instance.

by NosyCat; ; Report

I didn't know there was more than one. I'm going by what reviewers are saying.

by Doug; ; Report

...What reviewers. And Mastodon is federated, that's kind of the most important thing about it. There are lots and lots and lots of instances to choose from. See on Fedi.Garden for example; there are several sites that help you choose, but that's the one I remember right now.

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What are you talking about? "Reason to exist" what reason is there then to be a place to blog post? It's a more unique format then anything these other websites have spit out AND it looks like myspace

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There are countless such places, that's the thing. And I'm already blogging in too many such places.

by NosyCat; ; Report

then why are you here?

by GRIFFEN; ; Report


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It's sweet, and all, but I'm already forgetting to log on sometimes.

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Me too, for a while. But even if we stop coming, I'm glad we gave this place a try.

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