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today was literally not great. first i got up early and my grandma took me to get my nails done which would've been fun but the lady who was doing my nails did literally such a terrible job. my accent nails are completely translucent and she filed them yo be round on one side and square on the other side. then i got to work and its not secret i HATE my job. it actually wasn't too bad but then my aunt [whos one of my bosses] was being really rude and heartless about my 70 year old coworker's mental health issues. thats pretty annoying. oh yeah and last night my uncle [who was in fact sober last night] kept calling me a fag and faggot and my grandparents just watched him do it and then he kept questioning weather i was gay or not. honestly im just annoyed with him and his wife rn.

in better newz tho i got to go to a punk flea market today. i ended up getting tea, a sweater, and a tee. then when i got home my family put up our xmas tree and decorated it. we watched muppet christmas carol. then my mom made fancy hot cocoa and we got all comfy on the couch and watched some bobs burgers. anyway that was my day!

XOXO, zero

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