I love music. I've been listening to music all my life, and I've been exposed to so many genres and ways of making it, and I've changed up what I like to listen to a lot! Right now, I'm really into nu metal/ hardcore metal, but I still like bands like radiohead. There are so many ways of singing and so many debates on what's "good" and what is "shit"- though I don't think it's my place to tell you what to listen to. While I've never liked singers like Taylor Swift, there has to be a reason creators are so popular. I think most music listeners, even myself, then form parasocial relationships with those singers; forming bonds to their words and how impactful their music is and idolizing those creators. I feel like the reason a lot of people like older bands isn't because they're the best, or that they're even good (korn) but because they're nostalgic or have that "alternitive" sound. Taylor Swift could use the same lyrics as a nirvana song, but she wouldn't have the same impact; singers today don't have that real, raw, heartfelt sound in their voices. The thought that no one can be original because everything has already been said/ written/ seen before, which is definitely true. Older music has a way of hitting harder, sounding better. Especially "classic" songs! They bring back a feeling of nostalgia, a way of relating to the lyrics, which can make you feel so many different feelings and draws so many different emotions from them. Drawing back to radiohead, the singer has such a way of singing with so much passion in his voice and what they lack in instrumental playing (they don't have drum solos like slipknot lol) they make up for in wonderful, almost painful vocals. Anyway, this was just me ranting about music and different "takes" I have about itΒ 

-Love, GhostyΒ 

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I remember that in the music room, your dad had "The Bends" on vinyl and it scared me. I grew up with Radiohead. Why am I like this.

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I bet u haven't listened to 90s Happy Hardcore (on my profile btw) ;)

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