I'm a shopping addict. Like, for real. I always want more and more clothes, even though I wear the same shirt every day. I like he joy of just buying something and thinking "Oh, I have this now. I am apart of a small group of people who own this exact thing". Shopping has always been a favorite thing to do. Even just window shopping, it's just fun to look at different clothes and seeing what people find stylish these days. But, I've come to a weird point in my life where I need to change up my style completely- meaning I go through my entire closet and get rid of things I don't wear.I do this fairly often, to make room for more things I don't wear. But I've realized that instead of just impulsively buying things I think I'm gonna wear, why not buy things I *know* I'm gonna wear?With this new brain-blast decision, it's made me think a lot about the things I like and the things I don't like. I've become obsessed with thinking "do I need this"? Which, on one hand, is good, since I don't buy as much stuff that just takes up space at the back of my closet. But on the other hand, it has taken the joy out of shopping; I have to rationalize everything I buy and constantly look back on things I've bought, thinking "was it worth it?" 

Side note! Another thing is that I usually go into stores expecting a certain thing, I have it perfectly in my mind and be sad when stores don't have it (crazy!! I thought they could read my mind). I still really like shopping and get a lot of fashion inspo from the internet. Also, I KNOW fast fashion brands like Forever 21 want me to impulse buy everything and change up my style every week. 

Love, Ghosty

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Woooooow okay but when are you gonna take me on a shopping trip?

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Right now. I'm driving over, loser

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Mean Girls reference?

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