journal #1

ok so i’m gonna start documenting my life a bit so that when i die they have an record of the dumb sh-t i did when i was alive

so firstly thanksgiving was today except it kinda sucked cause i’m on my period and it was like the worst cramps ever. i also had mood swings so i straight up just started crying when we were eating. it was not like we were having an upsetting discussion, i just have crippling mood swings when i’m menstruating. pretty unbearable ngl. my mom is trying to force me to socialize but like- i’m having a heart attack in my stomach? so, um, no???

my gf is in oklahoma but they’re coming back soon! i get to watch a movie with them a t my house on saturday and it’s gonna be great. they came out to their grandparents today, and from what i hear it went well! i can’t wait to see them again.

that’s all for today my little creatures

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