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"Light to the consciousness that surrounds every body that walks is earth."

Esta cancion instrumental fue creada en uno 50% en el año 2013-2014 por Andres W.
Siendo el mi guitarrista principal en mi primer proyecto musical formal.
Ambos siendo Fans de MyChemicalRomance. Empezamos tocando covers de ellos.
Our Lady Of Sorrows siendo nmuestra cancion perfeccionada junto a Servants Of Divinity de Bleed From Within.

Orin Liricamente profundiza una lucha universal personal en lo que me hace merecedor de cierta responsabilidad heredada. Pues ene l mito de ORION pues "cualquier narracion que podamos conocer del mito esta condenada a estar incompleta".

No puedo decirle o clasificarla como una 'fight song', pero hablo sobre los sacrificios que debo uno dar por las luchas quer damos en nuestros paso, la traicion que esta nos presenta. Pero siempre Estando con un PIE DE LUCHA.

Esta cancion se termino haciendo posible gracias a la colaboracion INSTRUMENTAL por parte de los Guitarristas David  Aguilar y Camilo Roldan de la banda de Deathcore BETRAYAL OF ANGELS
Un agradecimiento totalmente especial a ellos por hacer este proyecto posible !


I have been aroused cold,
each desired place, has revealed the crush of my existence.
underestimating the desire of evil against human; regardless blood
A trophy become a dead position.
An eternal life of kept promises
Everything that is,
Everything obtained,
We believed in all creation,
Destroy what longed to believe,
We believe in the existence of the infinitive number.
Only the knowledge of its existence,
will open your mind in the darkness of this..

The blood of battle, is the greatest satisfaction of the warrior,
My eyes are attentive.. the light of the road.. proclaim my treasure.
All my blood, inside your body… All break your Bones.

The sky covered under human lights,
in the rain the ash is cover.
Within a hell the light up, a within new,
Within the sky pain and cure the dead and desired body.
Within the hell and cure.

I am a dead who recites the words
of those who could not.
keeping a mem to leave in code
what today they do not cry.
Devastate and broken.
Four twenty and the smoke does..

Losing between unholy desires,
there is no reason to see me fall.
infamous star whose was enough
how much desolation these streets..
are enveloped.

Time has come
The will is done
I lose my confidence in this land that only betrays,
betrayed beliefs, betrayal of reason.
smoke and mirrors i wake,
the reflection of the only truth in a single light.

Pills that never worked..
there is no reason to see me fall.
Losing between unholy desires,

I'm the kingslayer,
Nor will become a..

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