I hate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a sham holiday! They all are really. But I love Halloween and Christmas. I am pagan so I celebrate my "versions" of the holidays. But Thanksgiving is the worst. Like, everyone pretends to be loving and thankful! It is all a facade! People are ruthless.  

We shouldn't need one holiday to explain how "thankful" we are for people, friends, family, job, waking up etc. It's all so fake. As soon as the holiday feast is over, everyone goes back to their ruthless selves and are just evil. If I could get rid of one holiday, it would be thanksgiving.

Also, after losing my daughter, I really could careless about anything to be thankful for because I would much rather be dead than surrounded by fake people. My close family and friends already know I love them and am thankful for them so I am not going out of my way to tell them on one day just because it is "what you're supposed to do." 

Growing up, I never had a good thanksgiving. I was always sick. I hated being around step family. Everyone always wanted to hug me or want me to smile. Bitch, I was puking just a few minutes ago, what the fuck do I have to smile about? I hated it. Of course, as a kid, I didn't talk like that but you get the point.

-End Rant-

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