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dni lists suck ass

i think dni lists are counter-productive , and dare i say , a little goofy ? why ? because people lie ! on the internet ! all of the time !! i get if u simply didnt want a person to interact with u bcus of a purrsonal boundary but there comes a time in every netizens life that they have to accept that no matter what , theres an almost certain chance someone they dont like is occupying the same space as them !

for example: i am proship . i genuinely could not care less what fictional characters people think would look cute 2gether . why do i feel the need to say this ? because like 10 of my spacehey friends have 'proship dni' somewhere on their account !! i have a frickin SaLS blinkie ffs ! 

and why do i bring that up ? it serves to show how no matter what u put on ur dni , u cant stop an entire demographic of people from interacting with u . ( and also yes i accept ppls friend reqs even if im on their dni because hey ! u interacted with me furrst ! ) 

hmm . i guess that was a really long post that only serves the purrpouse of justifying why im too lazy to add a byf/dni to my page . lol !

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I wrote about this too, nice to see some people who think the same way for once. I agree so much, DNI lists are very counterproductive and can be very toxic and dividing for people. some ppl wonder why they don't have friends, its cuz they exclude EVERYBODY who doesn't agree with every opinion of theirs. It's such an isolating thing too, like ur just putting urself on this big moral podium and u think ur better than everyone else just because they don't have the same exact opinions as you. using morality as an advantage to just exclude and bully others. and then ur just sitting at the top of that podium with no friends because you got rid of them all for not agreeing with your views and opinions.

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I just usually block them if they don't fully introduce themselves to me.

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⯎  sammy  or  meulin  ₊ 🧪

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sorry but r u actually a proshipper??

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yes ... although i dont ship anything 'problematic' and have heaps and heaps NOTPS, i refuse to harass others over ships /g

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i mean. when it keeps murderers from getting you then why not make them right?

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im p sure a murderer isnt gonna read "murderers dni" and b like "aww man :( i'll get the next one then" lmao

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you dont know what i know

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based af

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DJ Khoyshekh

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i agree. fiction =/= reality.

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It goes over my head that people act like the block button doesn't exist for this type of thing

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