Words matter

Hello. The world is still falling apart. I am still trying to put myself back together. And somehow I am here writing this now. Should an Oxford comma gone there? Who knows, but why does it matter. We live only one day.. for some reason I can’t get that out of my mind. We only live one day. You only live today. You go to sleep every single night and you have no idea what happens. Well, we obviously know what happens but still. We’ve evolve so far but we still can’t get rid of sleep. It is absolutely fundamentally necessary for our  survival as a species. I really like talk to text. I feel like I can get what I’m expressing out a little bit better. You know the funny part about Therapy is it’s just someone sitting there, saying the right word at the right time. Isn’t that funny? Realization, self-awareness and guilt. But guilt is not a positive motivator. I don’t know why I keep thinking about that but it’s important. My whole life I have felt guilty. Guilty for every stupid tiny little thing I’ve done. Guilt is extremely heavy. When you let it go miracles happen. But you also need to learn to live without it. I can’t do either of those right now but it’s cool I think. I have talk to text this whole thing and I feel like I can get out something so much better than typing it you know the funny part is is I actually have finished my journal book thing. Jeremy told me to publish it. life isn’t that easy. But words matter, not all words, some. But the ones that matter really really, really, really really matter. Are these words important? What makes important words, context? Who it is relaying them? Or whose actual words they are? I guess if we look at Shakespeare. Have they debunked that yet? Are those actually William Shakespeare’s words. I don’t understand why they’re important. If I could understand them better than I can understand their importance. My boo thing always rants and raves about this book. Rich, dad Poor dad, I don’t like it. I don’t like the guy that he looks up to. Now I do understand that his actions definitely helped mold this guy for a very positive future but I can also see that he taught him to not care about other people. Wait, do I even care about other people? does anyone? But I’m getting off subject. What I’m trying to say, is that words matter . Being financially literate matters. being kind matters. Being open matters. Being stressed matters. Being anxious matters. Being calm matters. Being sad matters. If it all matters so much, why does it feel like it doesn’t matter at all ? 

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