long rant about melanie martinez

ok my hot take is that people who are mad at mel for taking to long with her stuff genuinely just need to shut up. y’all, they have been working her ENTIRE career, and y’all mad they’re taking a break? this same exact thing happened while people were waiting for k-12. y’all, she released an ALBUM and a WHOLE MOVIE in literally two years. they recorded the movie in less than a year with a budget of 5-6 million USD. that may seem like a lot, but with the amount of cgi they used for the film, it’s definitely not enough for what melanie wanted. like, how are you gonna complain about time when they made the movie in less than a year? that’s just stupid. and after the movie, they release two singles AND an ep with SIX (i think) songs. so if she’s taking a break, who cares? it’s not like they’re obligated to give you content. keep in mind they have another album + movie planned for 2023 so if she needs time, give her time. they make quality music and quality movies, so just let her do what they need to do. and she can take as much time as she wants, and y’all just need to be freaking patient fr be happy that after EIGHT YEARS she’s still making music and other content. like that takes effort. so yeah the moral of this rant is give your girl some time to do what they do.

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