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byf + dni !

byf !

  •  i have anger issues
  •  i use short versions of words (like u = you)
  •  i make typos a lot (and usually dont correct them)
  •  in my status's or abt me's i will put lyrics and probably not add "/lyr"
  •  i only use /srs /j /hj /gen /s /nsrs /nm so if u need me to use any other ones around u ,,  ask !
  •  i have bad grammar (and whenever my grammar is wrong i usually say "wait is that grammatically correct" and dont   know what the correct thing was but will probably try to fix what i said but end up making it even harder to understand)
  •  anything like "i love you" is gonna be platonic unless ur rai
  •  i will probably randomly rant abt something that makes me mad
  •  DONT TRAUMA DUMP/VENT W/OUT WARNING TO ME. doing it around me is ok just dont expect me to be   involved in the conversation. i will just stay quiet
  •  i will randomly quote songs as a joke or reference to something. usually like "lol ,im not okay (i promise)," if ik u   know the song then it'll just be "lol im not okay (i promise)"
  •  i use xD as a smiley face AND a laughing face so if i say "xD" after something that wasnt supposed to be funny it was   prob supposed to be used as a smiley !

dni !

  • homophobic, transphobic, neopronoun phobic, xenogender phobic, racist, or ableist
  • hates furries and/or typing quirks !
  • still thinks kwite is in the wrong
  • supports ai art and/or is an ai "artist"
  • hates therians, irls, and did systems

thin ice ! (if ur 5 or more ur out. the ones with something, something, something count as 1)

  • hates any of my interests 
  • makes fun of artists with bad anatomy (like the rendering process :] person)
  • doesnt understand those who claim to be nonhuman (its ok to not understand but plz dont make fun of them), doesnt understand irls, doesnt understand did systems
  • isnt alt (i feel more comfy around other alt ppl)
  • doesnt watch ANY anime (its fine to not watch anime it'll just be a a little harder for me to be ur friend ..)

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