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Blog #1 - Life of a stargirl living in her own space....


The name is a bit silly, but I wanted to make an introduction post about me and my life so you guys could get to know me! Sooooooo whats up! :D 

My name is Phoenix, and I'm a new teenage Spacehey user. I was super excited to find this website because me and my boyfriend are both huge lovers of the 2000s, and messaging on MSN wasn't cutting it for the 00s experience... So I hope to find some cool people and share some of my stuff on here too!

I love everything 2000s (As you can tell from my interests section...) So all fashion, movies, music, aesthetics, websites, technology, you name it. Believe me, I'd still use a flip phone if I could today! My biggest hobbies and interests are film, music, and writing. I wanna become a film director or screenwriter when I'm older! I adore coming up with my own stories as well as writing some simple poetry on the side :)

I love to collect vinyl records as well, and record stores are one of my absolute favorite places. I live in LA, so naturally Amoeba Records will always be my fav... and I have about 18 total so far! Including the Scott Pilgrim movie soundtrack, The Bends and OK computer by Radiohead, Dirt by Alice in Chains, Grace by Jeff Buckley, Dummy by Portishead, nearly every Muse record, and a bunch more :) Currently on the hunt for MCR and Fiona Apple!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE FOOD AS WELL AAHH!!! I'm always going out to eat or trying new foods, my pinterest boards are completely filled with meal ideas (can't cook for shit though, that's my boyfriend's job!) and I'm just a big advocate for body positivity and building good eating habits with people :)

And overall, one of the most important things to me is my beautiful boyfriend Alex... I post about and talk about him constantly to my friends. He's just the sweetest and really such a treat to talk to... he has a profile here too so go say hi when you get the chance!

I'm pretty friendly and love talking, so don't be scared to interact or send friend requests! I don't bite :) 

That's about all for now! I'll be (trying to) post every Saturday since that's when I'll have the most free time, and I'll update anything I did that week!

Thanks so much for reading! Until the next post~


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It's true guys, I'm her personal chef.

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