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haiiiiii XP ive made u a playlist if ur reading this so here’s a few songs and why i like them/ think u should like them ;)

lounge act- nirvana

okayyyyy i might not be the biggest nirvana fan but this song is really good :) i think anyone could enjoy it and it reminds me of a really good couple of months.

fer sure- the medic droid

two words, DANCE MUSIC! i luv this song and the energy i gain when i listen to it best upbeat beat evaaaaa ;p

anthems for a seventeen year old girl- broken social scene

this song i found because of my favorite movie and i like it a lot! it’s very calm and reminds me of white winters and emotional growth. i could listen to it on repeat for hours; and sometimes it kinda reminds me of someone :)

black sheep- metric (brie larson vocal version)

best cover ever, im not one for covers but this one is a million times better than the original imo. it is also featured in my favorite movie so when i listen to it i feel almost like a movie character lolol :3

currents convulsive- pierce the veil

i love love loveeeee pierce the veil, and this is my favorite song by them of allll time :) it reminds me of a specific time period that i really enjoyed a lot so when i listen to it i feel similar to how i felt back then =.=, i looooooooooooooove everything abt it

i used to have a best friend [but then he gave me an STD]- asking alexandria 

this song is super good and chill, i like it best when i feel like it’s 2009 and im an emo freshman in highschool who has some dress grass to sit on with my friends after school.

step on me- the cardigans

very calm, makes me feel happy and reminds me of my sister because she used to listen to it all the time :) it also reminds me of someone i used to be close with but now we’re not really in contact, so it makes me sad in a good way.

strawberry gashes- jack off jill 

very good song with a relatable and meaningful backstory:’) i think it’s very nice for fall and when you want to feel like it’s the late 90’s/early 2000s 

pillars- sunny day real estate 

i really like this song lately, it’s very chill and reminds me of myself a little bit in a way that helps me self reflect :) i love it a whole lot, midwest emo has my heart <3

that’s all i’ve got for you today, luv u ;)

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