soooo….. any fellow jack stauber fans????

Ok so there are NOT enough jack stauber fans in this website and i want to find all of them. so if you like jack stauber/jack stauber micropop, drop ur fav songs

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i love so many jack stauber songs. i love inchman, deploy, ilyvt, safe socks, coconut ranger, small world, every track on micropop, apricot, heath bar, vlc record 2018 01 25 07h40m19s0huuhu, yea, luck song, listen, and all the other songs he's made. i hope he comes back soon!

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My favorite songs/shorts are deploy and bandaid!^^

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I listen to jack stauber :D !!
i really like baby hotline, and buttercup, the ballad of hamantha is MY FAVORITE!
(i like than those three but i cant think of them all off the top of my head)

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Spring Cleaning is my top favorite but I also like Those Eggs Aren't Drippy, Theres Something Happening, Mirror Man, and Leopard %!

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yes i love those! very cool that we have jack stauber fans

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