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OCTOBER 30TH - 2021

Hi, so, i'm gonna start writing about my day everyday so i can look back on it later.

So, uh, Nothing really happened today. I went to walmart, and my brother wouldn't stop hitting me with the shopping cart. that's really it. 

I don't want this to be short and boring so i'll update you on my life lol.

1. I got into All Region Choir (basically a choir group that really frickin hard to get into)
2. I got sick 1st period thursday and went home with a 100.9 degree fever i'm okay now)
3. Me and my bestie Molly are dressing up as frat boys tomorrow for halloween (bc were basic)
4. My friend accidentally got high at a football game last week :) (someone gave him an edible made of chocolate, a but he didn't know and he ate 2 of them....he was zooted as f in like 5 minutes i swear lol)

Anywaysss, that's all i have to say lol. Tomorrow should be more fun.  byee :)

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