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The best part about the polyester for frozen blanket

Choosing a blanket for your baby isn't always an easy decision. There are many different options, from weighted blankets to those made of polyester or minky. But what's important is that you find the right choice for your baby's needs.


Having a Disney Frozen fleece blanket is a great way to keep warm, especially during the winter months. It also makes for a nice gift. This frothy, yet fuzzy blanket is made of polyester and measures 100 cm by 150 cm. It is sure to delight fans of the cult classic.

The best part about the polyester for frozen blanket is that it's not prone to wrinkling. The material is also flame retardant and non-toxic making it a winner in my book. The material can be used in one piece or split into two halves, depending on the occasion. The material is also a cinch to clean up. This isn't the only reason it's a hit with kids.

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