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Twitter Death

Twitter is dyin and while I think spacehey is super cool i don't think it can replace it for me as it doesn't have all the multimedia and easy comms features.

but maybe i'll pop on here more often in future

i don't know what my vibe is on here

maybe this is rezzy's less political and less gamesy space

I dunno, on twitter I'm a snarky bitch with a heart o'gold, on tumblr I'm new and trying to be nice and maybe cute, on facebook i'm an angry fuckin ghost

what can spacehey be? Maybe something new maybe nothing who knows!?

maybe the one where i don't use enough punctuation!

we're all a bunch of people due to code switching stuff anyway, the medium a platform facilitiates is just another aspect of that

maybe this is the platform where I don't remember to post

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idk on here it kinda feels similar to twitter when scrolling through blogs (recent blogs) i dont try to have a specific persona based on the social media im using so i dont really relate to that bit

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I guess I've just been using social media pretty much since it was invented so what with all the fractured communities and different affordances provided by different platforms, what you can do and say and what makes sense in these spaces gets kinda fragmented.
Maybe I should try and scroll more bloggy things though, I was on the original myspace but can hardly remember how it worked so should try and look around the stuff on here more.
Thanks for the comment!

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