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Living in Mexico City Update

These past couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster of events! 

My friend came to visit me from Florida with his girlfriend and a friend of theirs. I had a fucking blast! We went everywhere! I went to most places during that week than I ever did in the past couple of years. Lol. There is just so much to do in Mexico City. 

The first day that they arrived we just relaxed because they had not got any sleep as they flew in super early and didn't get enough sleep that night. We went out to dinner at Casa de Toño which is a popular local chain restaurant here in Mexico City then went home and slept. After that night we had a plan every single day for the rest of their stay. 

We went to many different places. Places I had already visited while living here and places that were new to me too. We went to the Chapultepec Castle which is in the Chapultepec forest. Got to see the day of the dead parade and see many altars that were placed for people's dead ones. 

One of the best parts for me was when we went on a "trajinera" in the Xochimilco canals and we went to the Island of the Dolls. That is one of the islands in Xochimilco that has hundreds and hundreds of dolls hung up all over the island as offerings to the spirit of a young girl who drowned in the canal in order to keep their spirit at peace and out of the island. Allegedly, many paranormal investigators have gone and gotten footage of dolls moving and other creepy things happening there. I didn't experience any of that but there was a creepy feeling to that place. 

When I was young I would always watch WWF ( which later changed to WWE after losing a lawsuit against World Wildlife Fund lol) and I would be so entertained by all the things they would do when they wrestled. They did all these cool tricks that made it so awesome to watch! I lost interest in that as a teen when I realized it was all fake... While my friends were in Mexico, we went to see Mexican Wrestling and I got the same excitement I got when I was a kid watching the wrestlers perform and do all these cool tricks.  Even though I know it's acting and it's all for entertainment it was awesome to see how they wrestled and how the crowd got so into it watching the luchadores in the ring. I would not mind going there again. The seats were cheap and I got to see an awesome show with my friends.

You cannot do a tour of Mexico without going to Teotihuacan. That's where the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon are. It's like an hour away from where I live and going there was a must!  The pyramids are so full of beauty and wonder. They also have a museum there where you can see some ancient tombs and see ancient remains of artifacts and people as well. 

We went to like 4 different museums. Most of them were free, which is amazing!!! We love free shit. There are many types of museums in Mexico City.

 Overall I had an amazing mini staycation in Mexico City. Now I feel like I am qualified to be a tour guide. LOL- 

These are just some of the many things my friends and I did during their visit to Mexico City. Here are some pictures of some of the things we did. 

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