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My favorite cozy games of all time (As of 2022)

These are all games that I lovingly sit down, am willing to play over and over again and just give me cozy feels. Some of these are older, some of newer. No order, I may do a full more detailed list later on in life but as of now I'm just doing a simple list mostly because there is no draft option. :'(

1. Cozy Grove

2. Graveyard Keeper

3. Stardew Valley

4.Spyro (Reignited and the classic three)

5. Sky:Children of Light

6. Disney Dreamlight Valley

7. Cult of the Lamb

8. The Sims

9. Okami

10. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Comment your favorite games that give you them cozy feels or reccomend me some!

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Lord Byron Smoothcrim

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I got Graveyard Keeper recently, but still have not gotten Cult of the Lamb. It's on my wishlist, though!

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i do not see KINGDOM HEARTS on here

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Kingdom Hearts just made me scream at goofy a lot lmao

by Mystic; ; Report

why did you scream at goofy???????????

by GRIFFEN; ; Report


by Mystic; ; Report