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growing up

i'm turning 18 soon and i seriously dunno if i want to.

i would love to be more independant and to move to another country for my studies but still i dont think i will like all the responsabilities that comes with being 18.

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π“…ˆ β˜Ύβ­’I La Flèche D’or I πŸΉΰΌ„ 𓆃

π“…ˆ β˜Ύβ­’I La Flèche D’or I πŸΉΰΌ„...'s profile picture

Tu es d'oΓΉ πŸ‘‰πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅ toi ? Je suis curieux ✌️

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thats not all instant?? being 18 doesnt mean youre done growing up

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I know, i was just saying i dont feel responsible enough to be faced with all this stuff

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it wont be hitting you all at once, you'll be able to adjust

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