book rantz (tws)

this will me be ranting and hating on books/authors cause im a hater


number 1 worst author I've read:

HARUKI MURAKAMI---tw/ sa, incest, pedophilia

UGHHHHH i absolutely hate him

oaaky so ive only read 1 of his books (kafka on the shore) so this probably doesn't make my complaints as valid but idc. anyway, the one book i did read of his has put me off reading any more of his books

the way he writes female characters is so one dimensional and they feel as if theyre there for kafkas enjoyment only and to be sexualized. if im remembering correctly i dont think there was a single female character that didnt have a sexual remark made about them or a comment about their bodies. it took me so long to get through it so i could be wrong, i think there was only one woman which wasn't sexualized who lost her cat and had a brief interaction with Nakata and thats it.

and it's consistent throughout all his books.

he also has an obsession with writing about r@pe??? again ive only read kafka on the shore but other people have said it in his other books too

now i can only speak abt kafka on the shore and every time i speak about my opinions on it someone always says "oh you didnt understand it" or whatever. yeah i really dont want to understand the 15 year old having sex with his mother(whos like 50 something) and r@ping his sister. that was the last straw for me and i stopped reading it after that but i did come back to it a few weeks later i hated it so much

i did find Oshima to be a bit ehh but seeing as it was 2002 he did an alright job at writing a trans man


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murakami's stuff always seemed pretty cool apparently he writes a lot of like abstract psychological stuff but that sounds WILD... was it good apart from that??

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yeah the plot (apart form..all that) was pretty good i enjoyed it just all the stuff ruined it for me

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no that makes sense all that sounds really ????? like WHY WAS THAT NECESSARY

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