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Michigan winter journal

So before I begin let me explain this I grew up and live in Michigan and the only thing you need to know about our weather is that it's wierd and that our winters are long and harsh this year winter I'd starting a bit late which means that we'll likely have a very long winter so my goal with this is to document major events in the seasons weather to see if maybe there's a possible way to predict it figure out why it is (aside from the fact that we're pretty far from the equater compared to most states kinda a moot point anyways since Alaska is closer and yet we still have hot summers) that said I'm starting this journal from today so any prior weather information still needs to be searched if you need that context oh also I'm only noting winter weather patterns so this shouldn't say anything intentionaly about our summers

2022 nov.13 - first snowfall light low of 26°f partly cloudy

2022 nov.15 -snow blanket med/high snowfall 1in deep low of 33°f cloudy

2022 nov.17 -weather advisory snow storm high snowfall 6ft deep low of 22° partly cloudy

2022 nov.24 -low of 43° sunny barely any snow on the ground (it's been warming up this week it's the first Thanksgiving in a long time where it didn't snow)

2022 note: I meant to track both black Friday and cyber Monday however was kinda busy participating as well as gaming soooo anyways these 2 days kept the warming up trend having reached into the 50's which is really nice especially during winter but I see this as an oman that the snow may not melt till halfway into spring once it gets going personally I like the warm weather but I would also prefer to get the snow done and over with as soon as possible too kinda like a band-aid the faster it's pulled off the better) anyways look forward to an update tommarow things have been cooling down since Monday 

2022 dec.1 -low of 21° partly cloudy no snow 

2022 dec.7 -low of 27° high of 48° partly cloudy 10% chance rain (yes all the added info is relevant as it got warm today and i was sure it was going to start raining) 

2022 Dec.24 -low of 5° mixture rain and snow 5-12in of snow the coldwave is mostly through this state by now everywhere else looks horrible right now though

2022 dec.25 -lof of 14° snow 6-12in cold wave is finished just lingering snow at this point high enough winds however that some thought we had a blizzard 

2022 dec.31-2023 Jan 5 - sorry I got a little busy anyways newyears and new years eve where in the middle of a weird heat wave which caused some interesting weather but mostly things where just warming up later on during the first week of the year we hit a high of 54° and although predictions of 80° weather by tommarow had been rumored things seemed to cool off today with the high being in the 30's and the return of snowy weather which later turned to rain (which had me worried about hail) 

2023 jan.17- sorry about missing yesterday just wasn't a day I really cared about the weather since I was inside the whole day anyways as follow up today has been rather nice steady at around 40° however there was a chance of rain though I don't think it ever did I'd also like to add a note I think I chose a bad winter to start this journal on as it's been unusually warm this year 

2023 jan.22- happy lunar new year! does this effect our weather? Well, seems so. while it's still warm at a low of 30° and a high of 35° it is snowing, weather it's just the whole morning or the whole day remains to be seen. that said, there's also a cold front coming down this way from Canada so the weather could start to look much more accurate for the time of year soon, and along with it Is expected snow storms.

2023 note - it's April now and I'm aware I missed a few updates honestly going back to fill those out seems like a lot of work it is solidly spring now still in its beginnings but things have gotten much warmer now the last week of March was the end of winter and boy did it come back with a vengeance that was a very cold week and also held the coldest day of last winter if I remember this next winter I will try and update on that winter too especially since it'll likely be a more average winter I was surprised by how warm it was this last winter and from what I've seen weather was weird for everyone last winter the south got cold up here in the north was warm it was odd and was likely connected to a greater weather phenomenon than what normally causes Michigan winters to be so cold

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