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my day was nice today :3

(my friends grandad is talking about politics LOL help)

my day was surprisingly nice. saw my family and it was fine, came home and hung out with abby, we blasted some amazing music outside and played with her dogs Kai, Red and Lulu, they're sweethearts. then we sang our hearts out to some older tunes. she left for work and i was home alone so i played some twenty one pilots and made some toast and hung out with the dogs again, i felt a little confident and called my mum to check in with her, that was all okay. abbys mum is back home and me and abs are sending snaps back and forth while shes working lmao. i think next time shes got work i'll come with her, it seems really fun. she texted me and said i can have the vodka in her room and use her speaker tonight. abbys mum brought some hot chips (fries if your so inclined) for dinner and while we were eating i asked there grandad how his day was and he said its even better now that he came home and saw me !!! (mayb old people aren't so bad) so thats super sweet. overall my day has been amazing, i feel like life is going uphill now, slowly but surely. so thats me lmao

(okay now my friends grandad said when he was a kid on Christmas he would leave a carton of beer out for the postman WTFF!!!)

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