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Work in progress lyrics

Hey friends, I have only been writing lyrics for maybe 6-7 months and to be honest nothing has been great besides a line or two occasionally. This is the first piece that I feel comfortable sharing in its early stage. It is sort of my flow-of-consciousness thinking regarding my self-image as a romantic partner and as a friend in general.

I am a big emo baby who writes emo lyrics, just a warning :D

Sometimes I feel my heart beat in my brain

And imagine all the ways I won't be okay

It feels like I'm always going to be the same

Lying awake thinking of all the little things

That cause me to fracture and break

But I'm still stuck in the same place

I haven't felt connected to anything this past year

And leaving nothing but destruction in my wake is my biggest fear

Don't fall in love, don't get attached, don't come near

Pack it up, cut your ties, and leave me here

Forget my name, I swear it's better this way

I'm never going to change, Forget my name

And that's all folks! Like I said, not finished and untitled. I do have a working title of "Task Failed Successfully" but that might be too goofy. If you took the time to read this, thank you.

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