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~*~*A LIL NONBINARY PSA*~*~.........

hello u lovely ppl who have decided to read this blog post! 

I jus wanted to do a quick PSA jus to avoid miscommunication in the future 

As yall know, i'm nonbinary which basically means tht i dnt rly identify w/ being either fem or masc !!  (altho this is diff for every nonbinary person)

I kno in some of my pics i may present vry fem, but I'm uncomfy w/ ppl referring to me as girl, woman, lady, etc. and basically any gendered terms (handsome especially which is a go to for a lot of ppl when i bring up tht im nonbinary idk y)

ok if u read this ty ily, i rarely if ever make a big deal out of misgendering bc its usually jus a honest mistake xD i jus wanna put this here b4 i forget 

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Jackie Skillet

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Good to know! I’m also non-binary.

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Bucky Seifert

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I will do my best to remember in the future~ but also if I do ever slip up and forget by all means let me know so I will try to not do it again! :3

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What are your pronouns?

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