write a lyric and pass it on! ✩࿐

Dont call me eccentric, call me mentally sick, cuz I ain’t sold enough tickets yet to be rich and thats the only difference :3

"why are you so far away ? ", she said "why won't you ever know that i'm in love with you that i'm in love with you ?" (just like heaven by the cure) -<?> finn <?>

"and i am the idiot with the painted face in the corner taking up space, but when he walks in, i am loved, i am loved" - mitsuki miyawaki <333

"you wanna taste of my brain? ok its yours anyway" -IA

β€œfall into the night as i gaze into you, shine so bright, it’s all i do”

"dyeingΒ  no were to hide my feelings from u but so far from u"

"Cause my insides are red, yours are to, and the red on my face is matching you, and goodness your bleeding, what a wonderful feeling, your down, and your pleading, my head is just reeling.. The RED means I LOVE YOUUUUU" - hiroshi/jasmineβ€§β‚ŠΛšβœ©ε½‘Β 

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