the struggles of relaunching a radio station

So I'm currently in the process of making Junction 106.9 (soon to be Pulse 106.9) a dance station. The station used to ran a Hot AC format (pop from the 2000's to now), but I got tired of it. Plus, the only dance stations I know of are KNHC-FM Seattle and KXRG-LP Honolulu, two stations I'll never get for more than 5 minutes during a Sporadic-E event.

Relaunching a station shouldn't be too hard, right? Well, apparently it is.

First, I had to find some new music. Didn't think it would be too hard. After all, I'm big into late 90's - 2000's trance and house music. Cue me a few days later, with some of the songs from the original playlist and some that I was able to find, and I only have 23 hours of music. Might sound like a lot, but when it's on repeat 24/7, it gets repetitive pretty fast.

Second, I had to come up with a new name. At first, I was going to name the station Core 106.9, as it was going to be "the essential party station". However, when it came time to fill out the Icecast information, I realized how stupid that sounded. After a couple minutes, I decided to go with Pulse 106.9. The slogan? "Feel the Pulse on Pulse 106.9". Still pretty stupid, but that's the best I can do for now.

Now comes the hardest part: the logo. I've spent the past three days coming up with ideas for the logo. I've been browsing to try and come up with a font I liked, only to be left empty-handed. Now here I am this morning, trying to find fonts for this stupid logo instead of doing some stuff in an online college class like I probably should be doing. I finally came up with an idea: Use the Prisma font for the "Pulse", and have the frequency in an oval under the letters in the Alba font. The end result would be something like the KAZR-HD2 logo.

The easiest part for me will be designing the website. I already have a general idea of what I want, I'll just need to find some background textures I like.

After that, time to find some more music...

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i hope u succeed in launching this radio station, also will i be able to pick up this station from indiana?

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Nope, it's very low power. I'm in Iowa, so there's no way at all you'd be able to get it over the air from where you are.

It is streaming at, so you can listen online

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