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Hello again so this blog more about me not like bad things with my other one so here it is. 

I have 2 siblings a older sister and a younger brother so I'm the middle child (sucks). My sister is 31 I'm 28 my brother is 20 and we all live together my sister is married so I included my brother-in-law he is 32. My sister and brother-in-law has been there for me and my brother very good support team. I also have a Pitbull dog she is going to be 3 years old soon sometime she like a terrible crazy child but I still love her. I don't have any kids and I'm single but trying to fix myself before getting in a relationship plus I was in a 4 year relationship that was nothing but toxic so I just wanna be single. I live in a small town called los lunas in New Mexico it's kind of nice town not gonna lie crazy stuff happen here but yeah it good. We do got a Facebook data center and getting amazon too. There a lot farms here the weather in summers are soo hot since I live in a desert. The winters are cold some areas of New Mexico gets snow pretty good. By the Way New Mexico is apart of USA it's between Arizona and Texas under Colorado. I had a lot people thought I lived in Mexico. I like animals except spiders they are creepy and gross. I like to go the museums, and the zoo. I have a speech impediment so that a other reason I have trouble making friends in person. I like looking at the sky at night it just sucks being by myself I do got a telescope but it sucks. I like to swim during summer but I love winter because I rather be cold then to be super hot. Christmas is my favorite time of of the year I love the lights and everything. I don't know what else to put on here this is all I can think of but thank you again for reading this if you want to get to know me just message me. 

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