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introducing myself

hello friends my legal name is positive children and i make indie rock music that sounds like absolute shit. i used to use myspace93 which sparked an interest in css/html for me. i made a website for my band on neocities: positive-children.neocities.org but i've decided to start using this website as well to see how it goes. i hope to make some friends on here and show my music to people who care about it. i'm also looking for people to join my band, particularly a drummer, but if you play any instrument, live in the los angeles area, and are interested in starting a band feel free to reach out. i am working on putting out a simple stripped down EP very soon. thank you very much for reading all of that

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thnx for adding me!!! i’m def gonna check out ur music, fuck yeah dude!

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Myspace93 gang! I'll have to check out your music when I get the chance!

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thank you so muhc

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