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Decided to disactivate my Twitter

Short Answer

Personally, I don't see Twitter is going to be any better and disagreed with some ideas that Elon Musk have for Twitter so I decided to migrate to Mastodon.

Try to be more active on SpaceHey but you can always follow me on Mastodon as well!

Long Answer

I know most people are sick off the "I'M LEAVING TWITTER!" sort of post and it's a meme but I just can't deal with Elon Musk just taking over Twitter and just making some bad decisions. Him making the verify badge more easier to get as you can pay $8 for it is the one that I am annoyed with the most and I don't have too much a issue that it cost money but more how easy people can get it and abused it which already happen.

He lay-off lot of workers which rest are overworked where their sleeping in the office. Elon knew he messed up and according to some sources, he tried to get the one he layed off back. This is why I left Twitter, I just can't deal with his bullshit.

I will try be active on SpaceHey but I'm also on Mastodon which I'm planning to just use instead of Twitter. Keeping Instagram and Facebook for now but who knows what will happen with them..

My Mastodon username! <3

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you're keeping Instagram and Facebook?? despite everything????????

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I wish I don't had to but it just I have my family on there so I'm trying to least convince them as well as my friend to join Mastodon. Not too keen on Insta or Facebook but it better then being on the bird app where I don't know if I get my account suspended to not agreeing with Elon Musk

by Matthew; ; Report

i would prefer the rich idiot billionaire over the lizard man selling my data (and also he made the Metaverse so immediately way worse)

by GRIFFEN; ; Report

both are having a mid off tho but otherwise Mastodon is my main social media platform I would be on

by Matthew; ; Report

whats Mastodon??????????????????

by GRIFFEN; ; Report

It's an open source social media where it sort-of like Twitter. You can check my profile of it to get a feeling of what it is.

by Matthew; ; Report

fun! i hate the design but anything is better then twitter

by GRIFFEN; ; Report