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Extended about me + DNI

About me:

hi!!! im Silly / Arcade, i use she/it/rawr pronouns o: (plus everything on my Pronouny page!) im an aroace-spec bi nonbinary genderhoarder trans man! also im polish

my main hobby is drawing, and i usually just draw my ocs! i also make some page stuff (like blinkies, stamps, etc) and you can find all of that on my neocities page :D i have autism, adhd, dysgraphia and ocd, and ill probably talk about these things a bit!

my special interests are the 3DS and lemon demon!! (ask me for my 3DS friend code if u want!!! :D)

im not very good at talking, and i dont really know how to start conversations, sorry- you can message me anytime if you want though! o: i just might not be the most interesting person to talk to

also i tend to mirror the way people talk when im talking to them in general, if this makes u uncomfortable feel free to tell me!! ill try to not do it when talking to u


- proshippers

- fans of: south park, yandere sim (im just not comfortable with these lol sorry)

- people who post nsfw stuff without warnings

- if ur super serious about kin as a term (i totally get ur stance but i use kin both for my serious kintypes n fictionkins as well as silly n just for fun ones, so u probably wont like talking to me)

i might add stuff to this blog post if i think of anything more to say o:

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hello! our Rui fictive thinks you're cool so if you are ok with it would you be comfortable friending a system? its perfectly fine if you aren't! :)

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yeah absolutely!! sorry for the late reply, but i dont mind at all :D im glad they think im cool

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💉🐾b100dm0ch4 ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

💉🐾b100dm0ch4 ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა's profile picture

yo so i'm into the cutegore + hospitalcore aestheticz which r kinda similar 2 yandere sim in a way ,, but iz it possible that we can still b frienz ?? u seem really kewl :3

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aa i was only talking abt yandere sim itself, aesthetics similiar to it r completely fine! but stuff like cutegore makes me feel sick a little bit so it might not be the best idea for me in this case, sorry!! its just hard for me to look at ur profile ): /nm

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