im bored

i have nothing to say! im going to talk about my life. 

school today was extremely boring. i have substitutes in three of my classes. i feel like it is getting a little ridiculous. but to be fair, 2/3 of them have parents that are literally on their deathbeds (no joke) so i feel guilty judging. the other one is just on a vacation though. 

i haven't had a lot of inspiration to draw recently. drawing is a thing i do by the way. and by recently, i mean like the past month-ish. it's hard!!!!! im so used to being able to churn out like 5-ish sketches a day but now i just Cant. or if i do, i've forced the concept or i just plain dislike how it turned out.

i'm supposed to be cleaning my room right now. but honestly. i probably won't until like... sunday. it's not like i don't want to, or i don't enjoy it, im just SOOO TIRED!

hmm. yeah. thats all ive really got to talk about. 

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