What I Find The Most Frightening Horror Films

( Hey there. I haven't really been around. Sorry for that. I wonder if anyone remembers me? Well, I do have a couple things. First is this list since I felt it appropriate. )

Not necessarily that they scared me or kept me up at night, only one's ever done that. It's here, though I doubt it'd be frightening to me now, since I saw it when I was seven. This list is for films that do almost get under my skin, kinda freak me out, the closest I can come to recommending "scary movies" (I personally hate that term, but eh). Will they do the same for you? Probably not, but still. I also could've put something like Trainspotting (you might know why), but I feel it doesn't count for Halloween here. Horror only. This is also not a list of the best horror either, though most are good, just the ones that made some frightening impact, or close. Enjoy. 83

The Blair Witch Project - This one feels so real to me, maybe it's nostalgia talking, of the woods by my old house, of making home movies, but it always felt so real and that's what almost gets me. Add in the fact that the dead friends keep talking to the characters; mimicking them to lure them in. It's a specific fear of mine, that those I love or care for aren't really what I think, and could at any moment become something completely different.

Hereditary - Actually pretty edgy atmosphere and buildup, with a couple gut-wrenching scenes that did stick with me because of how real they looked (a hard thing to pull off).

The Evil Dead - It's my personal fear I mentioned from Blair Witch, but it's also great with the atmosphere.

Tourist Trap - Such great lighting and 70s grit. The mannequins and masks are unnerving. The way it's shot also help the paranoia. Nightmarish.

The Killer Shrews - Here's the one from my childhood. Maybe I don't like dogs because of it. I stayed up much of the night afraid the shrews would get me with their teeth chattering and scurrying. They're creepy to look at too, despite just being dogs in costume and obviously not shrews one bit.

When A Stranger Calls - The first 20 minutes are masterful suspense. Maybe skip til the last 20 minutes though if you don't want the film ruined by everything else. Not really horror, but well, I kinda feel it deserves mention as a lesson.

The Pit And The Pendulum ('61) - The corpse was horrifying, and the scene of Don Nicholas going into the secret passage while the ghost calls for him was pretty visceral, odd that for a movie from the early 60s.

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