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My Bratz Dolls! :D

This is my first Bratz doll! I got her about a year ago (she's Neon Runway Cloe)

Here's my second Bratz, it's the reproduction Sasha :) (technically she was the first Bratz I physically had since I bought her before Neon Runway Cloe arrived lol)

I absolutely cannot remember his name lmao, (all I know is he has first edition Dylan's clothes on) I got him in a lot with another doll you'll see shortly

...and this is the doll I got in the lot! I'd wanted Wintertime Wonderland Cloe for a bit and when I finally found her decently priced I snagged it lol

This is my reproduction Yasmin and she is my favorite of my Bratz, I love her face and 2nd outfit sm

Here's my Xpress it Meygan (the original, not repro!) I like her face a lot lol

Here's my reproduction Rock Angelz Cloe! Thankfully, her face isn't too messed up like I saw with other people's dolls ^^;

And a guest appearance from...


Lol, anyways this is the end of this blog. I hope anyone reading enjoyed!(^v^)

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