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Another stolen survey

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★彡what r ur fav bands/artists?彡★ Prob fob and holy flies. U should check holy flies out theyre gr8. Honorable mention to brokencyde. Obvi I listen to a lot more but I don’t feel like writing them.

★彡what is ur fav item of clothing?彡★I made a clandestine industries shirt I rlly love. It’s purple w the logo on it.

★彡how many piercings do u have? 彡★ Only 2 sadly.

★彡have u ever dyed ur hair?彡★ Yup! Just kinda maroon tho.

★彡who r ur fav emo/scene queens/kings/royalties? 彡★ Hmmm… my fav is prob acidmilk

★彡who r ur fav pop culture cartoon characters? (by this i mean hello kitty, domo, gir etc)彡★ honestly prob Dan from Dan vs.

★彡have u ever cut ur own hair? 彡★ All the time

★彡can u name all the members of MCR? 彡★Ofc! Frank, Gerard, ray, and Mikey. +sum other drummers I don’t like.

★彡what r ur fav classic nightcore songs? 彡★ Pretty little psycho

★彡do u play any kewl instruments, if so which? 彡★ I play guitar and banjo, but not very well yet.

★彡how many BVB songs do u know?彡★ I don’t like them but I know knives and pens

★彡what r ur fav music videos?彡★ What a catch Donnie by fall out boy

★彡have u ever taken a selfie with the "myspace angle" (camera up high)?彡★ Ofc.

★彡converse, vans or osiris?彡★ Converse

★彡do u like anime?彡★Not rlly. I do like deathnote tho. L is hawt

★彡do u have a kewl typing quirk? (for example, replacing s with z often, using numbers instead of letters etc?彡★  Sometimes I say lolz idk if that counts.

★彡 which scene subset r u part of? (swag, "rawr scene", metalcore, etc) 彡★ “Decay dance scene”

★彡 aaaand i dont want 2 make dis too long, i hope u lieked it! 彡★ I did! Thank u

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