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Name and sexuality crisis 😭

OKAY OKAY. so right now I'm confused about my sexuality. I feel like I wanna only date girls right now. But like after my ex.. I don't think I wanna date a guy. Like ever? Because I was thinking he'll probably be like the last dude I like. You know? Mostly because of the fact I feel more safe with afab/women/non men aligned people. Like snice I'm aroace too it's hard to tell if I'm a lesbian. I know snice I liked guys in the past I probably am not? But like at the same time a lot of friendships turned out my friends liking me. So from like there I would date people just because I didn't wanna lose them as friends. And snice like when I dated my ex boyfriend he was non binary at the start and through our he found himself and knew he was trans. So I don't know? I'm gender fluid by the way. Also snice I'm gender fluid it's been hard finding names would appreciate if you could help with that. Perfer if it was a fem name and masc and maybe unique. Thanks for reading<3

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this is a little too relatable

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