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DNI ( do not interact) list.

This list means that I don't want any of the following on my account or interacting account.

Do not interact if..

- Anyone who is over ten years older than me. ( Even if your not being creepy it just makes me uncomfy because of personal reasons.)

- People who make fun of age regressers or say hurtful things to them. ( They are coping it's better they cope then to suffer.)

- Racists ( this even includes people who might not realize they are. So if you do the following you are racist. Not wanting to be friends with people of color because they are a person of color. Believing racist stereotype of people of color. Not wanting people of color in a show. Make a joke of cultural anything this counting foods, traditions, and past. Saying a racial slur. Even if it's not towards anyone it's still horrible. A slur is a slur because it was used to degrade people. It was used as a way to "put them in their place." If you can see the issue with that your racist and ignorant. "But what if I'm a person of color too?" Still racist. I'm a person of color too. So I know that I wouldn't call another person of color a slur that was used to degrade them. Because I know how badly us people of color are treated.

- Homophobes, transphobes, and ableists. (Same thing with racists some of you may not know you transphobic, homophobic or even ableists. So that being let me explain. Like the last time if you do that following you are homophobic.

• If you use the F slur against gay people, you are homophobic. (Obviously)  (Even if you gay you shouldn't use because it can't be used as anything but a slur.) If you think there should be no gay characters on TV or that if a show has a gay character it should have a higher rating like TV - MA. Only just because they have gay character. This also including if you believe that there shouldnt be gay characters in cartoons. If you believe being gay (or anything under the queer umbrella) is a illness/phase.This also including if you believe that your okay with gay as long they don't parade it around or hold hands in public or show affection in public in anyway possible. 

• If you do the following you are transphobic. Not wanting to see trans representation. If you believe that it is only a phase. If you believe that is a mentally illness. Believing that trans people shouldn't be able to transition. Believing that trans people are only what they were assigned at birth. Using the T slur. ( Even if you can reclaim it you shouldn't because it can't be used as anything but a slur. ) Calling trans women fem boys.

• If you do the following you are ableist. Calling anyone the r slur. (Again if you can reclaim it you shouldn't because it's not even used as anything a slur. But it's also because of the fact disabled people have been saying that you shouldn't use it.) Not listening to disabled voices. Believing disabled people need your help. Treating disabled as if they can't think at all. Making fun of disabled people because of how they act/look.


• MAPS (Minor attracted people. This meaning pedophiles. They used this term so they can disguise themselves. If you support this block me.)

• ZOOPHILES ( People who like animals.. not a normal amount. These people like animals like they should like humans. Sexually or Romanticlly sometimes both.. if you support this block me.)

• R@P3 APOLOGISTS. ( These are people who excuse r@pi$ts. This meaning they do the following, defend them, excuse their actions, blame the victim, or say that they have changed. If you do the following or support people who have done this. Block me.)

• Fetishizers ( You maybe confused you may automatically assume I'm talking about like the s3xu@l ones but no I'm not. So let me explain what it is outside of s3xu@l things. A fetishizer is someone who likes [ blank] while their not [ blank ] but not in a normal amount. Hang on while I explain. I know your probably like it's normal to get over board when you like something. And your correct but that's not a what fetishizer is. So to help you understand better I'll explain. Here Chris likes asain women. He thinks their beautiful. While Chris's friend amber likes asain women and only wants to date asain and she is so involved in asain culture and even tapes her eyes back to look asain. Ambers friend is a fetishizer. Here's more explains with different things. Maya thinks it's cute when the side gay couple of her favorite book series got to together. Mayas friend Rory likes watching yaoi and tries to make her gay friends kiss. Rory likes reading yaoi. And often expresses her fantasies to her gay friends about seeing her gay friends having $3x. Same thing with wlw relationships too. I don't know if I best explained that but I tried.

• Proshippers ( People who are ship the following. Adults and children. Siblings ( sister's x sister bothers x brothers or the opposite like brother x sister) and mother x son father x daughter mother x daughter) or even.. ships that are abusive relationships. If you support them or are one of them don't follow me. Just block me.

If I feel there should be more added I will update but anyways I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. Bye.<3

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