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Why do homophobes find it so hard to admit there homophobic? Like you called me a f@got but yet you claim to be an ally

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terrible wordd ! stay to CALL OF DUTY loser !

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Riley Madison

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this is my husbands entire family and i h8t it

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I can't believe there's an phobia for homes

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Well, seeing you have f@g in your name implies you're probably okay with being called that

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by scenemo.mess666; ; Report

Not really lmao I fine with my other gay friends calling me it but not allies

by Hearts2u; ; Report

So if someone gay jokingly says it it's fine? But if someone straight also says it jokingly it's a problem? That's confusing.

by Gray ; ; Report

because straight people can't say a slur that isn't directed toward them

by Hearts2u; ; Report

I was diagnosed by several doctors with learning disabilities. Good to know I am free to say retard as much as I please then

by Gray ; ; Report

is it even a slur tho?

by Hearts2u; ; Report